The ALIVE Philosophy

ALIVE’s vision is to create schools that support open conversations about the truth in our students' lives, and thereby liberate their energies and spirits for the important work of learning. By attending to students’ stresses before they break down with symptoms and negative behaviors, ALIVE helps entire classrooms and school to maintain calm.

* * *

Our Philosophy


Our nation’s current policy is to wait until highly stressed young children cannot hold on any longer and break down into symptoms of anxiety and depression, and disruptive behaviors in the classroom, and only then to provide expensive support services and treatments. ALIVE aims to reach these highly stressed students before they need to break down. This is accomplished through methods of early identification, in which every child is asked what is happening in their lives on a regular basis.


Currently our teachers, principals, and social workers are spending much of their time attending to the many students who are disruptive during the school day. They are not however attending to those students who might be disruptive tomorrow. The result is an unending cascade of upset students. By interrupting this pipeline, ALIVE has lowered office referrals and therefore freed up teachers and administrators time to attend to their actual duties.

Our Passion

Freeing children from the bonds of trauma, maltreatment, and toxic stress,

             liberating their natural spirit, energy, and creativity!

Creating school communities with commitment to protect their children by

             having open conversations about trauma, maltreatment, and stress on

             a regular basis among every student, teacher, and parent!

Igniting the flame inside every child and lighting the darkness that prevents

             them from being successful in their studies!

At heart, ALIVE is about

having the strength and courage to face reality, together.

Animating Learning by Integrating and Validating Experience (ALIVE), 19 Edwards Street, New Haven, CT 06511          Ph: 203-624-2146