Our energetic and playful clinicians and mentors:

Christine Castles, RN, MPH

Stephanie Kilpatrick, Psy.D.

Kat Lee, MA, RDT

Allyson Hurlburt, MA, RDT, MFT

Cindy Cadet, MBA, Parent Engagement Specialist

Charlotte Steuter-Martin, MA, Volunteer Coordinator

Ray Wallace, Mentor

Tyrese Sullivan, BA, Mentor

Alicia Stephen, MA

Chaz Stewart, Mentor

Chelsea Morales, MA

Jessica Northam, MA

Noa Emanuel, MA

Cindy Vielleuse, MA

Michael Rogers, MA

Our Directorial Staff:

Cat Davis, MA, RDT, Director of ALIVE

Lizzie McAdam, MA, RDT, Associate Director of ALIVE

Erinn Webb, MA, RDT, Assistant Director of ALIVE

Antonietta Delli Carpini, MA, RDT, Assistant Director of ALIVE

Our Supervisors:

Hadar Lubin, MD

David Johnson, Ph.D.

Linda Berger, Psy.D.
The Foundation contracts with the Post Traumatic Stress Center to provide the expertise needed for ALIVE programs.  

Our staff of drama therapists, psychologists, and psychiatrist are highly trained in the evaluation and treatment of psychological trauma.  

For more information about the Post Traumatic Stress Center, click this link:

Our Minnesota Staff:

Evelyn DiGirolamo

Dana Suttles

Nadya Trytan

Talia Smigielski

Alissa Paris

Rachelann Anderson

Mindy Sirois
Animating Learning by Integrating and Validating Experience (ALIVE), 19 Edwards Street, New Haven, CT 06511          Ph: 203-624-2146