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Gaining Permission to Implement ALIVE or Miss Kendra Programs

ALIVE and the Miss Kendra Program are proprietary programs sponsored by the Foundation for the Arts and Trauma, Inc. Permission to use the methods or materials of ALIVE or Miss Kendra is given only when schools and school personnel have met certain training requirements. Both ALIVE and Miss Kendra are trademarks and all written materials are copyrighted by Alive Schools.

Currently there are three levels of Miss Kendra/ALIVE programming available, at increasing degrees of intensity and efficacy:

  1. ALIVE Model School
  2. Approved Miss Kendra Program
  3. Miss Kendra BASIC

There are two reasons we feel it is important for us to train personnel and monitor the application of the ALIVE model:

Importance of Handling Sensitive Issues Effectively
ALIVE and Miss Kendra programs engage students, teachers, and schools in the direct discussions of very sensitive subjects, including child abuse, maltreatment, and neglect. These issues must be dealt with competently, as there are legal, family, and cultural aspects that will arise. We have learned how to best handle these issues over many years of experience.

Potential Complex Issues:

  • How to conduct sensitive discussions in classroom
  • How to explain the use of the fictional guardian figure of Miss Kendra
  • How to monitor and then respond to letters properly
  • How to handle parent concerns about perceived intrusion into their lives
  • Managing exaggerated or false stories from children
  • How to avoid leading students or unnecessarily distressing them
  • Coordinating program with other social support and disciplinary staff
  • How to handle mandatory reporting from classroom discussions or letters

Due to these complex issues, implementing ALIVE or Miss Kendra in even one classroom may have an impact on the entire school and therefore will require the knowledge and full support of the administration of the school and ultimately the district.

Importance of Maintaining Fidelity and Consistency of the Program
We want to be able to certify a degree of consistency and efficacy in schools that are implementing our program. We are looking for professionals interested in collaborating with us in that endeavor.

Becoming an ALIVE Model School

ALIVE Model schools implement the full components of ALIVE, including:

  • Miss Kendra Program
  • Stress Reduction Program
  • Student Assessment
  • “Strong” Program (if a high school)
  • Classroom Program (teacher-led activities, including Worry Board and Daily check-ins)

Model schools contract with us to provide initial and ongoing training, specialized staff for the stress reduction program, and ongoing collaboration and supervision. The aim is to transform the entire school culture and create a highly effective learning environment by actively identifying stressed youth prior to the development of disciplinary or symptomatic problems:

  • Greatly reducing office referrals, suspensions, physical fights, and expulsions.
  • Increasing academic achievement as measured by grades in the classroom and on standardized tests.
  • Maximizing teachers’ and administrators’ job satisfaction, creativity, and investment in the students.

Model schools agree:

  • To engage staff in learning about psychological trauma and its effects.
  • To support open discussion about trauma, maltreatment, neighborhood violence, and toxic stress, and address the consequences of secrecy, avoidance, and minimization.
  • To provide a comprehensive network of programs and interventions throughout each school day which address the impact of stress and worry on the students.
  • To implement the program in at least 50% of the school’s classrooms.

Services include:

  • Trainer site visits (3 times in first year, 2 times in second year, one time per
    year afterwards)
  • Specialized ALIVE Staff employed by Alive Schools, LLC (1 hour per week for
    every 10 students)
  • Ongoing coaching/supervision by senior ALIVE staff and experienced ALIVE teachers and principals over the phone throughout the year.
  • Monitoring of program effectiveness and fidelity
  • Official ALIVE and Miss Kendra materials

Fee: $350 per student per year (1st year)
[e.g., in a school of 200, cost per year is $70,000 (1st yr), $65,000 (2nd yr), and $60,000 (3rd yr and beyond)].

Becoming an Approved Miss Kendra Program

Approved Miss Kendra programs implement one component of the ALIVE Model School program, which includes the application of Miss Kendra’s Legend, List, Letters, and Red Bead Clubs in the classrooms conducted by trained school personnel (teachers, social support staff).

Initial training is conducted on-site by an ALIVE team over two days for as many school personnel as possible, followed by regular and ongoing coaching and supervision by phone.

Approved programs use only official Miss Kendra materials purchased from Alive Schools LLC.

ALIVE staff will monitor the success of the program over the course of the school year. Schools that do not maintain effective practices will not be renewed.

A nominal annual fee is required for continued approval, which covers the costs of ongoing coaching and monitoring of the program.


Initial On Site Training: $15,000 (for any number of personnel)
[This includes all our travel expenses and fees.]
Ongoing Coaching/Supervision of Personnel: $5000
(This includes coaching by experienced ALIVE teachers
and principals over the phone throughout the year.)
Annual Approval Fee: $2500, includes coaching of leaders, monitoring of program (after the first year).
Materials Fee: Approximately $10 per student. (Must use official materials.)

Miss Kendra BASIC

Due to overwhelming interest, we are developing an option for individual classrooms to utilize aspects of the Miss Kendra program without requiring as much training or ongoing supervision, with corresponding lower cost. This option should be available soon!

We look forward to discussing these options with you. Contact David Johnson at