Teachers and Principals Say: “Miss Kendra Programs Make a Difference!”

“I have witnessed first-hand the transformative impact the Miss Kendra Programs have had on our students’ emotional and academic development. Their clinical expertise allows students with severe trauma histories to access services within the school day without losing access to their education.”

-Principal, Metropolitan Business Academy

“I have noticed a significant drop in behavior referrals, suspensions, and overall disciplinary problems. The students feel a sense of relief when they get the opportunity to “play” with the therapist and the teacher notices a sense of calmness when students return to the classroom.”

-Principal, Strong Elementary School

“We have seen decreases in behavior; we have seen children speak their truths in letters to Miss Kendra and conversations on the carpet. To watch their faces after they speak their truths is like watching someone who has been trying to carry a large weight on their shoulders for a long time finally be able to put it down.”

-2nd Grade Teacher, Bearfield Primary School

“The Miss Kendra Program provided a way for our students to give voice to their worries, and know our school was a safe place in which they could receive support.”

-Principal, Quinnipiac School