Miss Kendra’s List is at the core of the ALIVE program. In simple but direct language it reminds us of the basics of child safety. Posters of Miss Kendra’s List are placed in every classroom, and introduced and explained to the students. The Legend of Miss Kendra is told by our staff that describes Miss Kendra’s coping with loss and how the list was generated. In Classroom Activities, the students are guided in reading the list out loud, discussing one item on the list, reading letters from Miss Kendra, and then writing letters to Miss Kendra.

From kindergarten to the 12th grade, Miss Kendra’s List serves as a solid reference point for students, teachers, and parents, and deviations from it must be openly discussed and rapidly attended to. This is a minimum component of any trauma-informed school.

Miss Kendra’s List (For Elementary)

  • No child should be punched or kicked.
  • No child should be left alone for a long time.
  • No child should be hungry for a long time.
  • No child should be bullied or told they are no good.
  • No child should be touched in their private parts.
  • No child should be scared by gun violence at home or in school.
  • No child should have to see other people hurt each other.


  • It makes a child not care about school.
  • It makes a child feel sad or scared or lonely.
  • It makes a child feel angry and want to fight too much.
  • It makes a child feel like not trying hard or giving up.
  • It makes a child worry a lot about their family.

This Is What Miss Kendra Says…”What Do You Say?”