Make a real, measurable difference in our children, our schools and our society

From 2014 to 2017, the ALIVE team at DiLoreto Elementary School in New Britain, CT consisted of 4 part-time trauma therapists working in the school of 800 students a total of 32 hours per week. The school had one social worker and one psychologist, paid by the school district.

Together, with teachers and administration, suspensions dropped from over 100 per year in 2014 to only 3 during the entire year of 2017. Gains were also noted in attendance and academic performance.

“The ALIVE interventions implemented in the individual schools are showing evidence of improvements in behavior, improved learning opportunities, calmer school environments, more secure students, and teachers that are more confident”
CRE: Curriculum Research and Evaluation (Aug 2015) after a six-month independent external review of ALIVE programs

ALIVE Really Works

DiLoreto School—500 students K–5

High School in the Community—300 students

High School in the Community

3,250 Students served in elementary & high schools in 2017
100 Elementary school classrooms provided services
5,600 Stress reduction sessions conducted for 2,100 different students
4,000 Miss Kendra Child Safety classes in elementary schools
24,000 Letters written to Miss Kendra from 2,350 different students
24,000 Letters written back to the students from Miss Kendra by ALIVE staff
64 Red Bead Clubs in elementary schools with 320 parents participating
1,400 High school students screened for stressful life events
325 Kindergarteners screened for stressful life events


High Schools

Reduction in Suspensions and Physical Fighting | Metropolitan Business Academy | 2010-2014
Suspensions (blue) | Serious Fights (red)

Reductions in Office Referrals Per Day High School in the Community 2010-2014

Both Students and Teachers Said that the Stress Reduction Sessions were Successful

On 16,000 sessions with 2,500 individual students, rated by the student before and then after each session on a scale from 1 (happy) to 5 (very unhappy, angry, or sad). On average, an 80% drop in ratings of stress within 15 minutes.

Teachers Observed Positive Results (52 Teachers)


said that these sessions were helpful to their students.


said that these sessions calmed down the students who participated.


said that this program helped them manage their classroom more effectively.


said that students nearly always returned less distracted than when they left.


recommend this program to other teachers.