“Difficult experiences can be a source of knowledge, inspiration, and even career choice—not just suffering.”

ALIVE services are tailored to the specific needs of each school and can be modified through ongoing feedback from administration and staff. The ALIVE team works in parallel with faculty rather than expecting teachers to deliver the program.


Miss Kendra’s List
Children from kindergarten-5th grade are taught norms of child safety and invited to express their worries via letter writing to a guardian figure named Miss Kendra, a fictional character who has overcome challenges in her own life and demonstrated resiliency. In her voice, ALIVE Counselors write back to every child, validating their experience and bolstering their sense of inner strength.

Red Bead Clubs
Group events where students and parents share Miss Kendra activities, write letters to their families, and celebrate overcoming adversity.

Stress Reduction Sessions
ALIVE counselors use exuberant, imaginative play to help at-risk students de-escalate and vent out their stress.

After School Support
ALIVE can coordinate programming with school staff on request.


Comprehensive Stress Screening
Student-friendly surveys help identify those experiencing especially high levels of toxic stress.

Stress Reduction Sessions
Through administrative and social support team, or self-referrals, ALIVE counselors use their trauma model to help students relieve stress or de-escalate difficult situations.

STRONG Leaders Program
After school and/ or summer programs to bolster self-esteem through theatre games, discussion, mentoring, and peer development.

ALIVE Humanities
9th grade course—co-led by a specialist and a teacher—integrates students’ life experiences into class discussions and activities.


Professional Development
Sessions on trauma, cross-cultural competency, and vicarious trauma or burnout.

Teacher Rejuvenation Sessions
Individual support sessions for teachers dealing with their own personal or professional stress.