Summer Programs

The Strong Program

The ALIVE Summer Program engages up to 15 students in a personal exploration of who they are, how they relate to others, and what their future will be, in a program of group activities, individual sessions, and film project. The purpose is to engage students around their own personal issues and to help them bond to other students and improve their self-esteem. They create an original film concerning the issues of trust and being on the inside or outside, which they can show the entire student body in the fall. Again levels of trust in other people have risen significantly among the students during the program. This year we added a Leader in Training position for one student who participated in the program last year.

Westville Manor

For the past two summers, ALIVE has been bringing Miss Kendra to Westville Manor to children who live in the neighbourhood and are looking for something to do outside when they're not in school or in other programs. Aside from writing to Miss Kendra, the students have also created plays, art, and games together.

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