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Lowering suspension rates in high schools

For a description of our basic philosophy, read our Ask Every Child White Paper.Ask Every Child White Paper

For more detailed information about ALIVE and Trauma-Informed Drama Therapy, see our recently published book: Trauma-Informed Drama Therapy: Transforming Clinics, Classrooms, and Communities, edited by Nisha Sajnani, Ph.D. and David Read Johnson, Ph.D.
Trauma Informed Drama Therapy

For more information about trauma-informed psychotherapy, see our books:
Trauma-Centered Group Psychotherapy for Women, by Hadar Lubin, MD and David Read Johnson, Ph.D.
Trauma Centered Psychotherapy
Principles and Techniques of Trauma-Centered Psychotherapy, by David Read Johnson, Ph.D. and Hadar Lubin, MD
Trauma Centered Psychotherapy

For recent news coverage of ALIVE, see the article published in the Harvard Education Letter.
Harvard Education Letter

ALIVE Receives Backing from Independent External Review

Curriculum Research and Evaluation, an external evaluator of educational programs, spent six months studying ALIVE this year by reviewing documents, observing programs, interviewing students, teachers, and community partners, and conducting surveys.  They conclude that:

“All indications are that the ALIVE interventions implemented in the individual schools are showing evidence of improvements in behavior, improved learning opportunities, calmer school environments, more secure students, and teachers that are more confident. Overall ALIVE has led to greater opportunities for teachers to teach and students to learn.” (CRE, August 2015)

To read the entire report, click here.

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