Stress Reduction Sessions

Students are identified by classroom teachers and taken by our staff for 15-20 minute sessions that involve a mixture of talk and exuberant physical play, in which the student is encouraged to express and vent his/her feelings about stressful experiences in their lives. Data from the students showed significant and large reductions in stress levels, and data from teachers showed consistent calming effects after the sessions.

Drama Therapy

Many of the stress reduction sessions in the elementary schools are based on drama therapy, a form of personal growth work involving improvisational role-playing, physical movement, and imaginative, creative play. Most of the ALIVE staff are trained drama therapists, and more importantly, love to play! Scholars have long known that exuberant play has been helpful to both children and adults in reducing stress and increasing a sense of happiness. Young students today are filled with energy, and have very little opportunity to discharge it during the day. If you are interested in learning more about drama therapy, click here.