ALIVE is Positive, Proactive and Innovative

In our classrooms, overwhelmed children begin to disengage from their schoolwork or exhibit signs of distress via behaviors that distract from the academic mission. In many school systems, this sets them on a downward cycle of detention, suspension and expulsion… or, at best, expensive services and treatments that provide support after symptoms and behaviors have already developed.

ALIVE takes a preventive approach by identifying and attending to highly-stressed students before they break down with symptoms and behaviors of distress, helping to break the “discipline cycle” and bolster student resiliency.

ALIVE, The Foundation for Arts and Trauma’s innovative and transformational trauma program helps students ranging from elementary school to college tackle trauma in their everyday lives. By shifting the conversation from blame and punishment to nurturing and healing, ALIVE’s counselors get to the root of childhood trauma by listening to the children and understanding their fears.

Through school-wide early detection and screening, classroom-based psychoeducation, and individual stress reduction sessions, ALIVE creates healthy, open conversations about the effects of stress and ties the students’ lived experiences into the school curriculum.

The result: Calmer classrooms, fewer office referrals and aggressive incidents and educators who can devote more time to education.

How it Works

Services are tailored to the specific needs of each school and can be modified through ongoing feedback from administration and staff. The ALIVE team works in parallel with faculty rather than expecting teachers to deliver the program.

How is ALIVE different?

Rather than training teachers to change their approaches to children’s behaviors, ALIVE delivers support directly to students through classroom-wide sessions. By approaching Adverse Childhood Experiences in a hands-on way, ALIVE’s school-specialized counselors get to the root of childhood trauma by interacting with children and understanding their fears. Unaddressed trauma and toxic stress is a major cause of poor academic performance. ALIVE’s prevention-based programs are far less expensive than the complex treatments and services required once symptoms and negative behaviors have begun.