It’s not “What’s wrong with you?”—It’s “What happened to you?”

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ALIVE creates healthy school communities of students, teachers and parents!


  • Extreme economic hardship
  • Drug/alcohol problem in households
  • Mental illness/suicide in households
  • Witnessed domestic violence
  • Unfair racial/ethnic bias
  • Parental divorce/separation
  • Death of parent
  • Exposed to neighborhood violence
  • Parent served time in jail
  • Physical/emotional abuse

ALIVE counselors help students from elementary school to college talk about their fears and find their inner-strength to overcome their toxic stress and Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs).

Why are ACEs important?

ACEs consist of potentially traumatic experiences and events ranging from physical, emotional, or sexual abuse to neglect, parental divorce, the incarceration of a loved one or living with an adult with mental illness.

Recent research reveals that nearly half of all US children have experienced at least one ACE, and nearly one-fourth have experienced two or more. ACEs can cause negative, lasting mental and physical effects on the well-being of children later in life.

The biological toxic stress from these traumas can literally re-wire young brains—putting children at greater risk for chronic health problems, homelessness, incarceration and shortened life spans. ALIVE addresses the negative effects of ACEs head on and prevents children’s exposure to adversity.

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